Weld Bead Profiles explained!

July 7, 2020

In this weeks episode, we go in-depth on Weld Bead Profiles, explaining how too much wire speed or not enough volts can give you a raised bead appearance, and result in a non-penetrative weld.

Today we will be talking about weld bead profiles, and how a weld should and shouldn’t look like.

Setting different parameters on your machine as well as different welding techniques will have an impact on what your weld looks like.

Say for instance on your MIG welder and your weld profile is raised, this means that you’re running the machine too cold, or too much wire is being added to the weld pool, creating a less penetrating and weaker weld

To remedy, the voltage either needs to be turned up or the wire needs to be backed off depending on the thickness of material to be welded.


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