VIPER™ 185: Stick/MMA Welding Guide

May 7, 2020

In this video we set up the VIPER 185 for Stick welding. First of all plug the machine into a 10 AMP powerpoint and organise the suitable PPE (Welding Jacket, Tig Gloves, Welding Helmet).

Step 1: Polarity

Select MMA on the front panel of the VIPER 185.

Connect your polarity orientation according to the electrode you are using.

Step 2: Electrodes

Flux-covered electrodes come in many different types and sizes for welding different materials and different thicknesses. The most commonly used sizes are:

  • 2.5mm: We would recommend between 90 -100A
  • 3.2mm: We would recommend between 115-135A
  • 4.0mm: We would recommend between 140-160A

To secure the electrode, insert your desired electrode into the head of the torch and tighten by twisting the head clockwise, making sure it secures.

Step 3: Stick Welding

To initiate the weld, strike the electrode on the workpiece and drag along the joint.


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