TECNA 7900 – 2KVA

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tecna-logoThe TECNA 7900 hand held Spot Welder is light weight, reliable and simple to operate units for the smash repair and sheet metal fabrication industries. There are a variety of arms available for this unit enabling a range of applications. The 7900 has the added advantage of coming standard with a timer. A compensation circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper range of current which allows welding on oxidised sheets or materials with a painted surface.

Quick Overview

TECNA 7900 hand held 240v Spot Welder +Timer


  • Part Number7900
  • Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph)240V 1 Phase
  • Nominal Power50% @ 2KVA
  • Maximum Welding Power13KVA
  • Secondary No Load Voltage (V)2.3
  • Main Fuse (A)16
  • Arm Length (mm)125 - 500mm (125mm Standard)
  • Arms Gap (mm)96
  • Maximum Thickness (mm)2 + 2
  • FunctionsTimer
  • Dimensions (mm)440 x 100 x 250
  • Weight (Kgs)11

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