VIPER™ 185: DC Lift Arc TIG Welding Guide

May 7, 2020

In this video, we set up the VIPER 185 for DC Lift Arc TIG welding. First of all plug the machine into a 10 AMP powerpoint and organise the suitable PPE (Welding Jacket, Tig Gloves, Welding Helmet).

Step 1: Polarity

To start, connect your TIG torch into the negative panel-mount socket, and the earth clamp into the positive panel-mount socket. This makes our set up DC Electrode Negative (DCEN).

Step 2: Gas Connection

When TIG welding, an Argon Flowmeter Regulator is required. Connect your flow meter regulator to the gas bottle and tighten using a spanner. Pure argon gas is ideal for TIG welding. The next step is to attach the other end of the gas hose to the regulator and tighten once again with a spanner.

Step 3: Basic Setup

Firstly make sure your selector switch on the front panel is switched to TIG. Amps will be your only controllable parameter on this machine. In our video we are using 5mm mild steel so, we will be turning it to 110amps.

Step 4: Torch Setup

We will be using the 17V TIG Torch with the VIPER 185. To attach these consumables firstly screw in the collet body, screw the gas shroud, slide in the collet followed by the tungsten electrode, and finally screw on the back cap to lock it all into place.

Step 5: Tungsten

There are three commonly used electrodes used for this machine:

  • Purple T3
  • Grey-tipped ceriated
  • Gold-tipped lanthanated

In our video, we use the gold-tipped lanthanated as it is more versatile and has better arc characteristics. Make sure your tungsten is sharpened to a point with a bench grinder

Step 6: TIG Welding

Now that you have set your amps, it’s time to turn your gas on to around 8-10 L/min and attach the earth clamp to your workpiece. You are now ready to weld.


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