WT20 2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

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Thoriated tungsten electrodes (AWS classifi cation EWTh-2) contain a minimum of 97.30 percent tungsten and 1.70 to 2.20 percent thorium and are called 2 percent thoriated. They are the most commonly used electrodes today and are preferred for their longevity and ease of use. Thorium however is a low-level radioactive hazard and many users have switched to other alternatives. Regarding the radioactivity, thorium is an alpha emitter but when it is enclosed in a tungsten matrix the risks are negligible. Thoriated tungsten should not get in contact with open cuts or wounds. The more signifi cant danger to welders can occur when thorium oxide gets into the lungs. This can happen from the exposure to vapours during welding or from ingestion of material/dust in the grinding of the tungsten. Follow the manufacturer’s warnings, instructions, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for its use.



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175mm thoriated tungsten electrode 2%


  • Part-NoDescription / Pkt Qty
  • TR0004-10 RED1.0mm x 175mm thoriated tungsten 2% / 10
  • TR0004-16 RED1.6mm x 175mm thoriated tungsten 2% / 10
  • TR0004-24 RED2.4mm x 175mm thoriated tungsten 2% / 10
  • TR0004-32 RED3.2mm x 175mm thoriated tungsten 2% / 10

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