MULTI 500SWF – Plus Concept

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The MULTI-500WSWF is a complete and powerful multifunction DC inverter welding machine – 3 phase 415V. An industrial machine with multiple welding functions including Pulse MIG, Double Pulse MIG, High Speed MIG, DC TIG, and DC MMA (STICK). User friendly programs with synergic function are provided for all the welding processes making it suitable for even the inexperienced user. The MULTI-500WSWF encompasses all facets of the new PLUS CONCEPT technology development. PLUS CONCEPT is an innovative solution that is revolutionising the welding industry. Now high efficiency welding is possible with Gas Metal Arc Welding, Pulse Arc and standard applications. The forced dynamism of the PLUS CONCEPT achieves an ultra fast transfer rate into the weld pool improving production results. It increases the welding speed up to 45% and, at the same time, it increases the penetration of the weld. Higher speed, better penetration and less spatter means less energy used during the deposit and reduced distortion during welding. Using the Double Pulse function provides the ability to produce welds with TIG like finish with excellent control over the weld pool. The MULTI-500KWSWF is a professional industrial machine that is supplied complete with 10 metre inter connection cables and trolley with gas bottle support. The options of water cooler, water cooled MIG torch and Push Pull interface connection can be added at any time. Ideal for boat building, heavy fabrication and general engineering, sheet metal workshops, stainless steel fabricators, transport engineering, repair and maintenance workshops, Designed and built to meet with European norms conformity.

• New “Plus Concept” Technology
• Latest European IGBT Inverter Technology
• High Speed Synergic Pulse MIG
• Synergic MIG Double Pulse
• High Speed MIG/MAG
• 14 Synergic MIG programmes
• DC TIG with Manual and Synergic Programs
• MMA with Manual and Synergic Programs
• VRD (Voltage Reduction Device)
• 2/4T Trigger Functions • Up Slope – Down Slope
• Variable Start Current and Crater Current
• Simple selection of welding programs
• Simple interface for easy operation

Quick Overview


Multi Function

PLUS CONCEPT is not only an Innovative fast Pulse and fast MIG-MAG machine but MMA and DC TIG mode are also included. The MMA and DC TIG function are top level technology and offer professional results for expert users. MMA and DC TIG mode has both manual and synergic adjustment.  When Synergic Mode is selected, the user selects the welding process, which enables self regulation of the welding parameters by simply selecting the work-piece thickness. Special Lift arc start is used for DC TIG Arc ignition which makes the use of high frequency negligible. Remote control receptacle is included for connection of remote amperage controls.


Double Pulse MIG Function

The DOUBLE PULSE program can be easily selected.  A simple click in the front panel will switch from a standard pulse application to the advanced and fast double pulse without any other settings required from the operator. The frequency of the DOUBLE PULSE is easily adjusted from 0.5 to 4.0 pulses per second. DOUBLE PULSE offers more control over the weld pool improving out of position welding, better controls distortion and gives excellent wash and even leg length on fillet welds, an added bonus is the improved cosmetic appearance of the weld likened to a TIG finished weld.



Remote Wire Feeder

The wire feeder has 4 rollers, these are gear driven and the digitally controlled wire feed motor delivers absolute precision of wire feed speed. Smart design and use of lightweight materials make the Separate Wire Feed unit highly portable and easy to transport. It is supplied with a wheel kit to allow easy movement in the welding area, alternatively it can be suspended from a moveable gantry or simply mounted on the turntable fixed to the top of the machine.




UNIMIG is pleased to offer a 2 year warranty on all T&R machine’s*.
UNIMIG offers warranty across Australia with four UNIMIG service centre’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. We also have authorised service centres across Australia as well.UNIMIG’s focus is to assure the buyer is getting reliability, performance and peace of mind with a quality product.

UNIMIG also offers an additional 6 months warranty free of charge when you register your product online via the UNIMIG website.

*Please note warranty only applies to the power source only


Package Contents

The T&R Multi 500 SWF is packaged ready to weld and includes,

  • 1 x Multi 500 SWF Power Source
  • 1 x TWC5 Air Cooled Mig Welding Torch
  • 1 x 4 metre Arc Welding lead set including twist lock electrode holder & Earth clamp
  • 1 x 10 metre Interconnecting cables
  • 1 x UNIMIG Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
  • 1 x 2 metre gas hose
  • 1 x Water Cooler Trolley to suit Multi500SWF
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • Part NumberKTRPM500SWFWC
  • Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph)415V 3 Phase
  • FusesT32A
  • Duty Cycle @ 40ºC60% @ 500 Amps / 100% @ 380 Amps
  • Rated secondary current500A
  • Permanent Sec. Current 100%380A
  • Rated power26KVA
  • Permanent power 100%17.5KVA
  • Overload protectionDIGITAL
  • TIG Regulation field10A-500A
  • Regulation field20A-500A
  • Range MIG - MAG – MIG PULSE20A-500A
  • NO LOAD voltage (S) (K)90V
  • Max secondary current640A
  • Short circuit limit050A
  • Protection classIP21S
  • Insulating classH
  • Size (mm)340x600x620 without SWF unit
  • Weight (kg)50

Optional extras & accessories