E3 Tungsten Electrode

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E3 tungsten electrodes (AWS classifi cation EWG) contain a minimum of 98% percent tungsten and up to 1.5 percent Lanthanum and small percentages of Zirconium and Yttrium they are called E3 Tungsten. E3 Tungsten Electrodes provide conductivity similar to that of thoriated electrodes. Typically, this means that E3 Tungsten Electrodes are exchangeable with thoriated electrodes without requiring signifi cant welding process changes. E3 deliver superior arc starting, electrode lifetime, and overall cost-effectivenes. When E3 Tungsten Electrodes are compared with 2% thoriated tungsten, E3 requires fewer re-grinds and provides a longer overall lifetime. Tests have shown that ignition delay with E3 Tungsten Electrodes actually improves over time, while 2% thoriated tungsten starts to deteriorate after only 25 starts. At equivalent energy output, E3 Tungsten Electrodes run cooler than 2% thoriated tungsten, thereby extending overall tip lifetime. E3 Tungsten Electrodes work well on AC or DC. They can be used DC electrode positive or negative with a pointed end, or balled for use with AC power sources.



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175mm E3 tungsten electrode


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  • TR0005-16 PURPLE1.6mm x 175mm E3 tungsten / 10
  • TR0005-24 PURPLE2.4mm x 175mm E3 tungsten / 10
  • TR0005-32 PURPLE3.2mm x 175mm E3 tungsten / 10

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