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A High Powered 500AMP AC/DC Multifunction Welder with all the latest innovations and features of the Multi Wave family. The Multi Wave 500AMP has 40% duty cycle at 500amps and is ideal for fabrication in heavy applications. An industrial machine with multiple welding functions with Manual and Synergic selection of TIG AC/DC, Pulse TIG AC/DC, TIG Mix Arc with the innovative Multi Wave approach with the latest innovations that grant improvement in the quality and carry the results to the highest level with the minimum of effort. MMA electrode features selection of DC+, DC- and AC with auto-change of welding polarity and synergic material thickness adjustment. The base power source includes built-in water cooling and can be used both in TIG and MIG/MAG. Addition of the MIG Wire Feeder provides synergic MIG/MAG and Pulse MIG function with the technology of Plus Concept.
• Latest AC/DC Welding Technology
• Simple to Use
• Manual or Synergic Operation
• Mix Arc AC
– Deeper Penetration in AC
• Mix Arc DC
– Bridge & Weld Gaps in DC without Filler Wire
• AC with Full Wave Formation Control
• Pulse TIG Synergic or Manual Adjustment
• HF or Lift Arc Ignition
• MIG/Pulse MIG/Synergic MIG Capable
(by addition of optional Wire Feeder)
• Memory Set and Recall of Settings
• Full Function Trigger Control 2T/4T, 2S/4S, SPOT
• Hot Start (improves electrode starting)
• Arc Force (stabilises the arc with difficult to use electrodes)
• Remote Amperage Control – Optional

Quick Overview

Part No: KTRMW500AC/DC

The Pinnacle of Performance

The T&R ACDC 500 Pulse is the ultimate machine for TIG Welding with 500 amps of power at your command there is no job this machine cannot do. The machine is designed for all kinds of TIG and Pulse MIG welding applications and features multiple welding functions.

The machine can be used manually or in Synergic mode where the operator can select the different polarity and mode as well as Pulse function to acheive the maximum results in quality TIG welding finishes. The machine also features a job storage mode where you can store and recall parameters for different jobs. 

In MMA mode the machine is capable of running all electrodes whether they be AC, DC- or DC+ and the machine also features auto changing polarity settings within MMA mode. 

In addition to being a TIG/MMA machine a (SWF) Seperate Wire Feeder for Pulse MIG welding can be added to the power source. This option allows the operator to use the machine in Synergic MIG or Pulse MIG mode with the touch of a button. Being an SWF means that the wire feeder can be removed from the power source and taken closer to the job for improved mobility and the ability to reach hard to reach places when welding. 



Easy To Use

MULTI WAVE is based on full digital control using advanced technology to simplify the use of the latest techniques in arc welding. A full synergic program table allows for quick use by expert welders and an optimal approach for less experienced operators. Synergy is easy and fast to set; all that is required is to choose the type of welding, material type and the size of the tungsten.

The welder can adjust the welding current or simply just select the material thickness that he wants to weld: frequency waveforms of the softness, balance, pulsation, slope, cycle level, timing of gas and also the parameters for cold wire are automatically available at optimal values.In this operating mode, all innovations of the Multi wave system are used at optimal preset values and adjusted automatically during any change of the welding current.




UNIMIG is pleased to offer a 2 year warranty on all T&R machine’s*.
UNIMIG offers warranty across Australia with four UNIMIG service centre’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. We also have authorised service centres across Australia as well. UNIMIG’s focus is to assure the buyer is getting reliability, performance and peace of mind with a quality product.

UNIMIG also offers an additional 6 months warranty free of charge when you register your product online via the UNIMIG website.

*Please note warranty only applies to the power source only


Package Contents

The T&R Multi Wave 500AC/DC is packaged ready to weld and includes,

  • 1 x Multi Wave 500AC/DC Power Source
  • 1 x 35mm x 4 metre Arc Welding lead set including twist lock electrode holder &  earth clamp
  • 1 x SR18-4MCP50 4 metre TIG Torch
  • 1 x UNIMIG Argon Flowmeter Regulator
  • 1 x 2 metre gas hose
  • 1 x Instruction Manual




  • Part NumberKTRMW500AC/DC
  • Power Supply / Phases415V - 3 ±15%
  • Regulation field in MMA mode Amp20 - 320
  • Regulation field in TIG DC mode Amp5 - 500
  • Regulation field in TIG AC mode Amp12 - 500
  • Regulation field in MIG-MAG Amp10 - 400
  • Balance TIG AC mode %10 - 90
  • Duty Cycle @ 40ºC40%@500Amps TIG
  • Rated secondary current A500
  • Permanent sec, current100% @ 320
  • Rated Power (MMA) KVA21
  • Permanent power 100% (MMA) KVA14,3
  • Frequency TIG AC mode Hz20 - 200
  • No load voltage (S) (K) V92
  • Max secondary current A500
  • Short circuit limit A550
  • MMA electrode possibility mm6.0
  • Protection classIp 21-S
  • Insulation classH
  • TIG ignitionHF or Lift Arc
  • Remote controlAnalog and Digital
  • Size (mm)310 x 1100x 1000
  • Weight (Kgs)85

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