2.0% Ceriated Tungsten Electrode

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Ceriated tungsten electrodes (AWS classifi cation EWCe-2) contain a minimum of 97.30 percent tungsten and 1.80 to 2.20 percent cerium and are referred to as 2 percent ceriated. Ceriated tungstens perform best in DC welding at low current settings. They have excellent arc starts at low amperages and become popular in such applications as orbital tube welding, thin sheet metal work. They are best used to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and titanium, and in some cases it can replace 2 percent thoriated electrodes. Ceriated tungsten is best suited for lower amperages it should last longer than Thoriated tungsten higher amperage applications are best left to Thoriated or Lanthanated tungsten



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175mm ceriated tungsten electrode 2.0%


  • Part-NoDescription / Pkt Qty
  • TR0003-10 GREY1.0mm x 175mm ceriated tungsten 2.0% / 10
  • TR0003-16 GREY1.6mm x 175mm ceriated tungsten 2.0% / 10
  • TR0003-24 GREY2.4mm x 175mm ceriated tungsten 2.0% / 10
  • TR0003-32 GREY3.2mm x 175mm ceriated tungsten 2.0% / 10

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