Gasless MIG Welding Technique

May 7, 2020

A common mistake made when welding with gasless MIG wire is “pushing” the torch instead of “dragging” it. Pushing the torch with gasless MIG wire creates slag inclusions and weld defects.

This video shows the difference between using the right and wrong technique when welding with gasless MIG wire.

The Drag Technique

The gun and wire are dragged away from the weld bead. The arc and heat are concentrated on the weld pool, the base metal receives more heat, deeper melting, more penetration and the weld profile is higher with more build-up.

Push Technique

This technique is suitable when MIG welding with gas.
The wire is located at the leading edge of the weld pool and pushed towards the un-melted work surface. This technique offers a better view of the weld joint and direction of the wire into the weld joint. Push technique directs the heat away from the weld puddle allowing faster travel speeds providing a flatter weld profile with light penetration – useful for welding thin materials. The welds are wider and flatter allowing for minimal clean-up / grinding time.


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